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East Valley Pricing

These are the 2024-2025 Season East Valley Pricing Fees. The fees include coaches, fields, lights, staff, and equipment.

They do not include uniforms or team fees. There is more information further down the page.

FC ARIZONA East Valley Fees

2024-25 Season Fees for all United Programs

Registration Fee - $275

Training fees will be based on location and coach.

These fees cover registration with ASA/USYS, administrative costs/salaries, and scholarships.
The Registration Fee is paid upon acceptance of a roster spot with a FC ARIZONA team.

This fee is non-refundable, reserves the player’s roster position, and registers the player with the state and other soccer governing organizations.

These fees cover coaches/trainers, fields, light, and equipment as well as specialty programs and staff.

Team fees and the pay structure involved in them will be presented to you by your coaches and managers. These fees can vary depending on your team’s league, tournaments, and travel costs.

Uniforms are an additional cost. FC Arizona Youth will wear the PUMA uniforms. The 2024/2025 season is our first season of the 2-year uniform cycle.


Payments are processed online. You can pay the entire season up front, or split the payments from July to April, due on the 1st of each month through our website.

Financial Aid is available and is based on need.
​To apply for financial aid, you will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork and include your last two years of tax returns by June 10.
​Those who qualify for aid and scholarships are also required to do 40 hours of work hours for the Club during the season.

The deadline for financial aid is June 15th.

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