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Elite Player Performance Program

EPPP is a long-term strategy to develop players through our programs, education, coaching, and elite performance. It is our long-term goal to keep the players together to build the best brand on the field, build long lasting relationships and reward our players for their commitment to FC Arizona.

Elite Player

Performance Program

FC Arizona will focus on four key areas of development.

1. Programs:
     -Leagues – we will play in the appropriate local leagues
     -Tournaments – we will have a systematic approach to play in the correct tournaments
     -Friday Nights – we will have mandatory games on Friday nights to encourage free play
     -Elite Performance Programs

     -Position Specific Training

2. Education:
     -Training is the number one avenue for development
     -Video will be a constant practice for our 11v11 teams
     -Off-the-field programs – nutritional, mental health, etc.
     -Building Pathways – other educational programs non-soccer related

3. Coaching:
     -Hiring experienced coaches
     -Investing in continued coaching education
     -Participation in coaching symposiums
     -Attending coaching conferences
     -Participating in our semi-professional conferences

4. Elite Performance:
     -ECNL – elite boy’s program
     -DPL – elite girl’s program
     -College ID – camps and working with the individual player on their pathway
     -Nutrition program
     -Weight lifting program
     -Game Fit program
     -International travel program

On-Field Branding

It is a priority of FC Arizona to retain our players within our club. Studies have shown that “club hopping” does not give a player a competitive advantage on the field. Playing together for many years, being disciplined, and developing characteristics to use in “real life” situations is by far more advantageous than winning at 12 years old. FC Arizona will retain players by doing the following:

1. Hire great coaches
2. Being consistent with our coach placement each year
3. Being consistent with our training fields each year
4. Eventually, eliminate the tryout process
5. Reward our families for staying with FC Arizona


Building Long-Lasting


It is important to prioritize our families that are committed each year. We will start to implement a few exciting programs to reward our players and families.

1. All U19 players will not pay training fees if they are in our club for 4 years in a row in our ECNL or DPL programs. This means they have played U15, U16, U17, and U18 in ECNL or DPL with FC Arizona.They are returning to play U19 with FC Arizona and we will waive the training fees.

2. All players who have been with us for 4 years in a row in our ECNL or DPL program, and in our college program, we will guaranteed a college offer. This means they have played at a minimum of U15, U16, U17, and U18 in ECNL or DPL with FC Arizona.

3. Extend our monthly payment plans to reduce the monthly burden on families.

This is a start to our program of giving back and rewarding our players. We will continue to look into additional ways to reward our committed families.


Commitment To Our Players

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