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United Program Overview

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The United Program explained Part 2

FC ARIZONA United Program Overview

The United Program is a new program offered by FC Arizona that allows competitive soccer to be available for everyone to play. For some, it helps bridge the gap between recreational soccer and the full commitment of the competitive club environment, and for others, it’s just a much more affordable way to play soccer. It is significantly cheaper than our ECNL and DPL platforms, but more expensive than recreational due to the costs of field rentals, uniforms, and competitive league registrations.

2024-25 Season Fees for all United Programs

Registration Fee - $275

Training fees will be based on location and coach

The United Program is a unique “one of a kind” program. It is the only program in Arizona to give players full access to our state's competitive leagues while offering the ability to play at a higher platform. They will have full access to our senior teams, and full club support, and can be part of a unique soccer culture without paying the same fees as the ECNL and DPL players. It is truly the only program where the coaches control the financial obligation of the parents. This gives each team the flexibility to play as little or as much as they would like, and control their tournament and practice schedule. The United Program is designed to give everyone the opportunity to play soccer at a competitive level without the financial burden.

Thank you for being part of the United Program!

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