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Who We Are

FC Arizona is a highly competitive and community-driven professional soccer club in the state of Arizona. As a club, we adhere ourselves in the growth and development of our players and our coaches to the highest standards.

At FC Arizona, we educate our coaches to deliver our program and product to allow our players to compete and progress to a higher level by following our club curriculum and player development pathway. Our program is designed to allow our players to express themselves and grow as individuals both on and off the pitch.

We believe our club values and ambitions will enable all players of equal opportunity to participate in an environment that will not only grow them as athletes but also develop them as well-rounded young individuals. Good manners, respect for the game, and humility towards teammates, competitors, coaches, and referees are all hallmarks of the players in our program.

Creating a successful soccer athlete requires certain characteristics and personality traits when developing our young player and as a club, we pride ourselves in our authenticity and integrity to fulfill this without our program and structure.


FC ARIZONA Club Philosophy

Here at FC Arizona, our Technical Staff takes pride and dedication in demonstrating professionalism and success by providing a platform for our players to develop and showcase their skill sets. We have a clear and present pathway enabling our state-of-the-art curriculum which now offers each and every player an opportunity to progress through our structure system leading into our professional teams who participate in NPSL, UPSL, and UWS leagues.

FC Arizona is headed by our Technical Staff who are UEFA-qualified coaches and former professional soccer players with experiences from all over the world. Our aim is to deliver and provide an authentic training program, unlike any other club in the state by focusing on developing not just the athlete but also the person on and off the pitch.

Educating our players and parents is also one of our main priorities which is why we will be reaching out to our families and community on a regular basis. Engaging and interacting decisively and diligently will also take priority within our club and our values as we focus on the development and growth of our stakeholders who are committed to FC Arizona.


From Concept to Icon: The Anatomy of Our Logo


What Can Families Expect

  • Communication and transparency in the welfare and development of the players

  • Up-to-date interaction with coaches and technical staff

  • Parental education workshops

  • Access to Professional team Players for Mentorship, and Speciality Clinics

  • Goalkeeper Director of Coaching and specific training

  • Season tickets for each player to the Professional Games including NPSL, UPSL, and UWS games.

  • College ID Tournament, with over 40 College Coaches.

  • The same practice field location, consistently throughout the Season.

  • Fully qualified and licensed head coaches

  • Club code of conduct and values implemented consistently

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