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Recreational/ Community Phase

Our FC Arizona recreational soccer programs and all of its divisions (i.e., Grassroots, Recreational, Camps, Futsal Pickup, and School Programs) are an introduction to the beautiful game of soccer and are structured and maximized to aid the growth and development of the children within the sport.

We provide a fun and enthusiastic REC soccer experience for players of all ages and skill levels in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Pre-Development Phase

When working with children in these age groups, it is not only inspiring it is also rewarding and requires a special approach and a certain quality which we call “Patience.”

Our coaches take pride and huge responsibility in our Pre-Development Phase as this is the stage that the players will have someone formally teaching them the game of soccer and allowing the children to develop and flourish whilst understanding the basic fundamentals of the game.

Foundation Phase

During our foundation phase, we are focused on the deliverance of technical excellence and by achieving this outcome through the game itself.

By embracing small-sided games and allowing 1v1 duals, we encourage our players to create scenarios and outcomes that will enhance decision-making founded on their technical skill set and see our players grow and flourish with confidence consistently.

Youth Development Phase

Through our Youth Development Phase (YDP) we are now able to identify and encounter our players’ abilities and focus on their own position specifics and team formations.

We encourage the players to display attributes and qualities that suggest they are ready and able to guarantee a defensive or attacking role on the field of play.

Players will still play on the left, right, and middle areas though now in a more specific part of the pitch with a more tactical aspect increasing a soccer game understanding, and a real competitive edge.

Senior Phase

Our NPSL, UPSL, and UWS senior teams are the primary target and end goal for any of our youth players to reach for and embrace throughout our FC Arizona Soccer Player Pathway.


We believe in our coaching style methodology and personal development soccer pathway and system to nurture the progress of our players not just to become formidable athletes but also fantastic and humble human beings.


If our players are successful in reaching our senior professional phase they will have done so with immense development and success.


Our homegrown soccer products will now be fully respondent and game-intelligent to enable the transition and strategies of individual and team tactics. They will have a determined and winning mentality and the perfect platform to showcase their talent.

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