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Professional Phase Development Program

PPDP is a program that starts at the high school level but is regimen starting at U17.

This program starts to identify and separate the players looking to play in college vs professional.
     -Train and see what it looks like to live and play in Europe

     -Play vs other teams in Europe
     -Play in our semi-pro system - NPSL, UPSL or UWS
     -Attend combines, sign a professional contract, or play in Europe 
     -Participate in our special programs – nutrition, weight lifting, speed and conditioning

Professional Phase

Development Program

The Arizona College Track Program is in line with our PPD Program.

ACT is a program geared for players looking to play in college. This program starts at the high school level as Freshmen.

-Start to create college videos
-Attend ID camps
-Work with our staff to identify universities to attend, send emails, videos, etc.
-Train and/or play in our semi-professional system


Both programs can be combined. We are recognizing the paths early on to help each player achieve their goal.

Arizona College Track


We introduce to you our players who followed the program and because of it went to college and or signed to a professional team. 

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