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College Programming

FC ARIZONA College Resources

The FC Arizona College Placement Program is a combination of programs, leadership, and opportunities to support the ongoing goals of the talented and committed player. FCAZ is committed to help our players pursue their goals and dreams by getting a quality education and continuing their playing careers at the college and professional level.

Online Player Profiles

The FCAZ Player Profiles are created with each individual coach, family and our College Program Director. The player profile and roster is integrated into the toolkit provided to all teams within FCAZ. The Manager or Parent has the capability to enter and maintain their player’s information. The player information entered is available to all college coaches nationwide and enables these coaches to easily search for candidate players.

This PDF will give you guidance on a multi-year plan to get the attention of colleges.

FCAZ College Timeline

Arizona College Track (ACT) ID Camps 

Click the button below to go to find out details about these ID camps.

College Commitments

Coming Soon! A list of our players who have gone to college.

How To Contact College Coaches

Click the button below for a general template to reach out to college coaches.

Financial Aid Resources 

Download the PDF below to understand details about Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Eligibility Centers

Download the PDF below to understand eligibility centers for college.

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