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FC Arizona is proud to offer full professional videos for college recruitment!

Costs are:

$795 per player/recruitment video paid via check only

Shoot 2-3 games

$150 per game beyond 3 games

–        Game footage shot by TPVP

–        Game footage supplied by the athlete (if necessary)

–        Interview with athlete

–        Interview with coach

–        Editing

–        Two (2) reviews/changes

–        Upload to YouTube and and requested websites such as VEO

–        Allow two (2) to three (3) weeks to edit recruitment video after completion of all shooting.

–        Length of time will depend on the number of videos and other unexpected circumstances.

–        * Interviews with athletes can be done prior to or after one of the games

–        SOCCER PLAYERS questionnaire


–        Review questions but

–        Review questions but do not write out or rehearse answers.

–        You can prepare for your interview, contact the Club for details

Top Prospects

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