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FC AZ beats University of Arizona

By FC Arizona 05/25/2018, 10:30pm MST

FCAZ wins vs Oxnard

By FC Arizona 05/23/2018, 5:30pm MST

FC Arizona wins over Real Jaliscience

By FC Arizona 04/30/2018, 12:45pm MST

FC Arizona takes on NPSL Rival Orange County

By FC Arizona 04/18/2018, 9:15am MST

FC Arizona wins First Home Game

By FC Arizona 04/14/2018, 11:15pm MST

Change of Venue: Westwood High

By FC Arizona 04/09/2018, 5:00pm MST

Lee J Lynch on American St. Patrick's Day

By FC Arizona 03/15/2018, 2:30pm MST

Walk on field with the starting 11

By FC Arizona 03/13/2018, 12:30pm MST

FCAZ wins friendly vs FC Galati

By FC Arizona 03/10/2018, 10:45pm MST

Fanfest Recap

By FC Arizona 03/07/2018, 10:30am MST

Page 3 of 9

Displaying Results 21 - 30 of 86