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Lee J Lynch on American St. Patrick's Day

By FC Arizona, 03/15/18, 2:30PM MST


The March 17 opening conference game will be a special game for Lee J Lynch. It is held on the Irish holiday St. Patrick’s Day. 

“Well I think a lot of Irish people think Americans celebrate it a lot more,” he said. “We have our own parades, every big city will have one.”

Families gather in the cities and towns to watch the parades he said. 

“Couple of people go out for a few drinks and celebrate it right,” he said. “You guys kind of do it the same over here. Some cities actually do it bigger than back home.”

Lynch said that it would be interesting to be in a different country to celebrate but his main focus is on the game. 

“Obviously we have a game so I won’t be able to celebrate as much as I’d like to,” he said. “But it’s good the game is on that day. Hopefully we get a good crowd for the game that day and get that first league game of the season.”

But some American traditions for the holiday confused Lynch a little. 

“I’ve been told by a few people that everyone here has to wear a piece of green clothing,” he said.  

And of course, if one doesn’t wear green, they are allowed to be pinched.

“That’s crazy,” Lynch said.

Lynch said that while wearing green in Ireland wasn’t a big thing he said it would make Arizona feel a little more like home. 

But his first priority is the game.

“It’ll be good to start off on the right foot, “ Lynch said. 

Being that it is the first league game, they want to start out strong, Lynch said. 

“Between the owner and the manager, they have assembled a good squad,” he said. 

This first league game is a bench mark for the season, Lynch said. 

“Everyone is pushing for that win on Saturday and it’ll mean a lot,” he said. 

Lynch said the team knows they will have to work hard all season if they want to repeat conference champions.

“We look each game by game,” he said.