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FCAZ wins friendly vs FC Galati

By FC Arizona, 03/10/18, 10:45PM MST


FC Arizona opened their season on a pitch that was reminiscent of a slip and slide due to a rare Arizona spring rain. 

The preseason game was held at home at Mesa Community College against Galati FC from the Arizona Champions League.

Irish player Lee J Lynch just arrived in Arizona last week and was expecting the sun.

“I’ve been told it’s really hot here all the time,” he said. “And it was raining all day today…But it was good for our first preseason game, it got us fit. It got us playing together.”

Coach Maxi Viera compared the pitch to driving in Arizona in a rainstorm.

“It’s raining people get crazy,” Coach Maxi Viera said. “So the players here don’t know how to play in the wet. It bounces differently, its speedy.”

The wetness of the grass also affected the teams passes. 

“Making crosses that aren’t supposed to bounce,” he said. “When the ball is faster than you, you’re never going to reach it.”

But the weather didn’t affect goals being scored. FC Arizona scored six goals in the game. 

The first goal was scored by No. 72 Yves Doue at the 15 minute mark.

“It was very electrifying. I was very happy to see the fans come out and supporting,” Doue said. 

Doue said the first goal was a little left of the post and had a tough angle but said he gave it his all and it went in.

The second goal came on a header by No. 72 Yves Doue. 

“I was pretty sure they were going to go in,” he said. 

The third goal came on a kick straight in the middle of the goal by No. 7 Cesar Mexia that lead to a hurdle over the Galati FC goalie. 

And that was just the first half. FC Arizona was not done. 

The second half brought goals from Cesar Mexia, Tyler Feeley and Manny Campos. The final goal came in the final minutes. 

Mexia’s second goal game at the 60 minute mark. Feeley’s came in the 86th minute. And Campos’s got in at 89.

Next week’s game is at home in Mesa at 7 p.m. against conference opponent Golden State FC.