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Building Pathways

Building Pathways works in partnership with FC Arizona, a youth non-profit soccer club located in Chandler, Arizona.


Building Pathways was established in conjunction with FC Arizona to serve youth beyond the field and support the needs of youth regarding mental health, healthy living, and leadership skill development.


Soccer will be used as a vehicle to break through and support mental health issues.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to pioneer the integration of soccer and holistic physical conditioning in Arizona.


We aspire to empower individuals both physically and mentally by delivering a comprehensive training program that not only enhances athletic performance but also connects participants with resources aimed at fortifying individuals to instigate positive change within communities.


Our commitment lies in promoting inclusivity, fostering health consciousness, and encouraging collaboration, all rooted in the soccer-centered learning environment we provide


My name is Tara Koleski

Applicant Name: FC Arizona- Building Pathways

Address: 5780 W Oakland Street Chandler, AZ 85226

Website: and

Project Director:

Tara Koleski, Vice President

T: 480-737-2804


Date of Submission: August 25, 2022

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